Implant Options

Here are different ways Dental Implants are used to replace missing teeth

Photos are from patients in our practice.

All on 4

all on 4 ULHarlingen all on 4 dental implantsDr Burkholder All on 4 dental implant bridge







The All on 4 uses four implants to secure the bridge in the upper or lower.  This procedure allows the temporary bridge to be placed in One Day.  Then, we place the final bridge 3-4 months later.  You never go without teeth.  This method is ideal for the patient that “doesn’t have enough bone” or needs ” sinus grafting” – There is usually enough bone to avoid the sinus grafting and save you money.

Single Tooth

Nobel Biocare Image 2Harlingen dental Implant CrownOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA







Single dental implants are standard of care now for replacing a single missing tooth instead of a traditional bridge where two good teeth have to be cut down.  For front teeth we place the implant and the temporary crown in one day, and make the permanent crown 3 months later.  The crown is cemented to an abutment that is either titanium (metal for back teeth) or zirconia (white for front teeth).









Overdentures snap in on top of 2 or 3 dental implants.  This is an economical way to hold dentures in place where they will stay put while you talk and chew.  These can be upgraded to a fixed bridge like an all on 4 by adding  2 or more implants.  Many patients upgrade after a couple of years.

Full Arch Implant Supported Bridge

Nobel Biocare Full Arch BridgeNobel Biocare Full archOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA






Full Arch dental implant supported bridges are similar to the All on 4 except that they extend further to the back and replace more back teeth.  These cases usually require 6-8 implants.  The advantages are that they replace more teeth, have more implants for support in case one of the implants fails, and can be made of porcelain or zirconia.